A Comprehensive Kitchen Knives Guide

A Comprehensive Kitchen Knives Guide

You can find the ideal knife for your needs with our comprehensive kitchen knives guide that lets you know what to look for and the type of knives on offer.

A comprehensive kitchen knives guide is a good way to find the right knives for your needs. Whether you are a professional chef or simply enjoy home cooking; the right knife can make all the difference in terms of food preparation and the quality of a meal. From saving people time in the kitchen to presenting an attractive dish; knives are still as useful as they were to us hundreds of years ago. With so many knives on offer, we have put together a quick kitchen knives guide to help people make an informed decision when it comes to their kitchen utensils.


Kitchen Knives Guide: What to Look For

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing knives is its durability and sharpness. A knife that stays sharp for longer will last longer and provide superior cuts of meat or precisely cut vegetables. Look for stone ground knives made from single pieces of carbon steel for superior strength and durability of the blade. Additionally, a comfortable handle can allow greater control over the cutting, peeling or chopping process; allowing people to prepare meat, vegetables and fish comfortably for longer.


Knives for Every Need: Kitchen Knives Guide

Paring Knives – A paring knife is ideal for peeling, slicing and paring fruit. These classic knives are small enough to give greater control over the peeling process when holding food items in your hands.

Steak Knives – Steak knives are ideal for cutting through tougher meats. The serrated edge makes swift work of thick cuts of meat. Look for full tang and steel rivet construction for superior strength and longevity.  

Boning Knives – Deboning meats can be difficult without the right knives. Our kitchen knives guide would recommend you to look for a rigid blade that is curved towards the tip to reach the fiddly areas. 

Cleaver Knives – From butterflying poultry to chopping joints of meat, a good cleaver should be rigid in construction and comfortable on the hands. Look for a cleaver that is well-balanced and made from a single piece of carbon steel.


Kitchen Knives from ProCook

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