A Look at Life's Essential Meals Through Your Kitchen Utensil Set

Every utensil plays a key part in family life, and here we take a look at some of life’s most essential dishes through the components of your kitchen utensil set.    

Your kitchen utensil set forms the bond of everything that takes place in your kitchen. From the full English breakfast in the morning to the quick little pick-me-ups in the middle of the afternoon, your famous Sunday roast dinners to the summer salad which graces every family barbeque, your kitchen utensil set has been through it all.

No utensil is without its purpose, and should one go missing from the pack, you’d be hard pressed to maintain a seamless flow in your kitchen without it.  So it’s official; your kitchen utensil kit is one of the most vital parts of your daily life and here are some of the most classic meals that are produced by our favourite utensils.

The Masher

A kitchen without a potato masher is like a home without a heart.  The mashed potato is a huge part of the British menu, so every kitchen utensil set should have a quality masher.  Here are just a few reasons why you can’t do without a masher in your kitchen utensil set:

  • Christmas dinner – the perfect Christmas dinner offers a choice of potatoes, including mashed and beautifully roasted.
  • Bangers and mash – a classic which little kids and big kids will always love.  It’s the perfect dinner for children’s sleepovers too.
  • Shepherd’s Pie – this is the ultimate winter warmer and where would you be without your potato masher?

Pasta Server

This is the utensil in your kitchen utensil set that makes you wonder how you ever lived without it. The pasta server is essential for:

  • Your favourite pasta dish – we all have one! And it’s quick and easy when you have visitors.
  • Poached eggs – one of the simplest meals yet more complicated than we realise. The pasta server or a slotted spoon is handy for draining the perfectly poached egg.

The Pastry Brush

If your kitchen utensil set doesn’t have a pastry brush then you could be missing out on some of the best pastry dishes ever created.

  • Beef and potato pie – who doesn’t love a warm and satisfying meat and potato pie?
  • Cornish pasties – Cornish pasties are not only brilliant for home dinners but they can be ideal for packed lunches and on-to-go food. 
  • Apple pies / strudels – fruit pies, crumbles and strudels are perfect all year round and have been a British family favourite for many years. 

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So as you can see, these are just a few of the most essential British meals that are created from the trusty kitchen utensil kit.  And no utensil is without its reason!