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Be at the Cutting Edge of Haute Cuisine with Quality Chefs Knives

If you fancy yourself as a Marco Pierre White or Gordon Ramsey you will be needing a top set of chefs knives

Imagine you have bought some delicious ingredients to cook a fantastic meal, you have a great set of cooking pots, chopping boards, beautiful crockery and cutlery but when it comes to preparing your veg or meat and your shoddy knives just won't cut it. It's a frustrating situation; all your knives are blunt and you have to hack through ingredients as the knife bends under the pressure. Such annoyances can easily be avoided with a good set of chefs knives.

Types of Chefs Knives Available

There are some great knives available that can make your life in the kitchen a lot easier. Here are some of the knives available to buy:

Carving Knives

There is a range of carving knives on the market that will slide straight through your joint of beef or roast chicken when the time to serve-up arrives. A top quality carving knife, commonly made from stainless steel, will be super-sharp allowing you to carve precise slices of meat for your eager diners.

Bread Knives

When it comes to cutting bread you have to have the right knife for the job and luckily there is a great range available. A worthwhile bread knife will have a tough, serrated edge that will allow you to slice through the crunchiest baguette or the softest loaf.

Paring and Peeling Knives

A paring knife is a real must in any respectable kitchen and is perfect for peeling, slicing and paring fruit and vegetables. Chefs knives designed specifically for peeling are also available to use on fruit and veg and they are now available in carbon steel so are very tough.

Speciality Knives

There are a number of knives designed for specific purposes such as the steak knife, which is of course useful when eating a fat steak but also for slicing thick-skinned fruits and vegetables. A cleaver is another handy item if you have to quarter a chicken or chop a joint of meat and there are many other specialist knives available such as boning knives and filleting knives.

Chef Knife Sets

If you are lacking all of the above kitchen necessities you may want to buy chefs knives in a complete set. Some sets are as good as professional chefs knives and they are available in stainless steel and super-tough carbon stainless steel. There are also sets available for preparing Japanese food, so if you are a budding sushi chef, they are ideal.

Where to Find the Best Chefs Knives

There are evidently some great chefs knives on the market which can be used for a multitude of foods or for one specific task, so you will probably be wanting to know where you can find some. There are a number of cookware shops on the high streets of Britain where you may be able to purchase some quality kitchen blades and there are also some great cookware sites where you can buy chefs knives online. A great set of knives is a real investment and in cooking terms, will leave you a cut above the rest.

Chefs Knives at Procook

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