Become a Believer in the Trusted Meat Cleaver

You can put your trust in a reliable meat cleaver that chops, cuts and quarters poultry, joints and any other meat you need to divide into portions; severing precisely with little effort.


Professional chefs know that their cookware and utensils can be just as important as their skills in the kitchen. Every keen cook has their own set of knives which they take pride in using and caring for. Chopping meat and bone requires a heavy duty meat cleaver that will last the test of time. A good quality meat cleaver can prove invaluable in a kitchen that demands speedy preparation times and quality cuts of meat. As a result, many cooks look for a meat cleaver that is durable, sharp and robust enough to chop and dice the toughest of cuts.


Chop! Chop! Cut it Quicker with a Meat Cleaver


Professional chefs know that chopping poultry and joints requires a sharp, heavy duty meat cleaver. Selecting a high quality meat cleaver will ensure you own a knife of superior strength and durability. Made from single pieces of carbon steel with full tang and steel rivet construction; a good quality meat cleaver can make a meal of poultry, joints and cuts. With a long lasting sharp cutting edge and well-balanced design; the right meat cleaver can cut quickly and precisely; helping you stay in control when preparing specific cuts of meat.


Meat Cleaver: A Cut Above the Rest


Long Lasting Sharpness – A good quality meat cleaver will have a sharp cutting edge that is forged from single pieces of carbon steel. This superior strength and durability will ensure your cutting edge stays sharp for longer.


Steel Rivet Construction – Steel rivet construction filleting knives ensure superior durability and greater handling for the user. A more comfortable fit in the hand also allows for greater control of the cut.


Pick Up a Meat Cleaver from ProCook


If you are looking for a high quality meat cleaver, you can find great value knives for all your chopping and dicing needs at ProCook. Whether you need a versatile meat cleaver or you want to reduce your preparation time; you can find high quality knives from our professional selection.