Become an Energy Saver with a Kitchen Dish Drainer

You can become an energy saver with a kitchen dish drainer that helps you save on dishwasher machine costs, use less hot water and electricity with a greener way to clean your dishes.


We are all becoming more energy conscious in the home. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the household and as a result, it also tends to be the area in which we use the most energy. As families attempt to become more save-savvy, some are switching back from their dishwashers to washing by hand. By investing in accessories like a kitchen dish drainer, homes can reduce the amount of water and electricity they use which in turn can help reduce overall energy usage. More and more people are realising they can be more economical when they only wash the items that they require by hand and let accessories like the classic kitchen dish drainer take care of the rest.


The Drip Dry Draining Board


A kitchen dish drainer is a good option for homes trying to be more environmentally friendly in their everyday practices. Washing dishes in a dishwasher can use up a great deal of energy. From the electricity to heat the water to the drying function; it is not always economical to turn it on for the sake of a few plates and pans. As a result, many people turn to the trusty kitchen dish drainer. A kitchen dish drainer can hold a number of plates, utensils and cups at a time and can often dry them quicker than they would with a steam function in a dishwasher. A good quality kitchen dish drainer will leave adequate space between items to ensure good air circulation and a shorter drying time.


The Benefits of a Kitchen Dish Drainer


Compact – A good quality kitchen dish drainer should be compact and take up little space on your countertop. It should be able to hold around 13 large dinner plates.

Hygienic – A kitchen dish drainer is a hygienic solution to washing your dishes as it keeps plates and cutlery away from the sink area and drainage surface.

Protects – A plastic based kitchen dish drainer can help protect your countertop from scratches and water damage.


Kitchen Dish Drainer from ProCook


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