Boast a Better Roast with an Ovenproof Griddle Pan

You can boast a better roast with an ovenproof griddle pan that allows you to easily move between cooking on the hob and in the oven for improved cooking techniques and less hassle in the kitchen.


The classic Sunday roast dinner is something that most families look forward to on the weekend. However, it is not always something people look forward to cooking. The chaos that can ensue in the kitchen following a roast dinner can put some people off cooking one altogether. From difficulties perfecting the meat and vegetables to the significant cleanup operation that inevitably follows a family meal; the Sunday roast has been replaced in many households with ready-made meals from supermarkets. However, more and more people are finding they can boast a better Sunday roast and take the hassle out of cooking one from scratch with the help of an ovenproof griddle pan.


Ovenproof Griddle Pan: The Secret to a Good Roast

A superior roast dinner requires a well cooked cut of meat. The flavour of roast beef can be significantly enhanced when it is pan fried prior to roasting. This locks in the flavours and aids moisture retention during cooking for a juicier, tender meat. Additionally, onions, garlic and herbs can be fried in oil whilst sealing the meat. This helps release the oils from the herbs and produces cooking juices that are perfect for roasting. An ovenproof griddle pan can be taken straight from the hob to the oven for quick and easy transferral off meats, vegetables and cooking juices.


Top Reasons to Use an Ovenproof Griddle Pan for Your Roast

Multifunctional - There is no need to use every pan in your cupboard to achieve the perfect roast dinner. Many people find that they can make cooking simpler with an ovenproof griddle pan that can act as a grill pan, roasting pan and frying pan.


Versatile - Suitable for gas, electric, ceramic, halogen and solid fuel; an oven proof griddle pan can cook meat, vegetables and breads in a range of ways without it leaving the pan.


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