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Buy Japanese Sushi Knives for a Roll your Own Sushi Party

Rolling your own sushi is great fun, and having a proper set of Japanese chef knives will help slice the fish into the perfect shapes.

All you need to own to re-create an authentic sushi meal is a massive vat of vinegared rice and plenty of Kikkoman soy sauce. Actually, you need a bit more equipment than that. Bamboo sushi rolling mats and some essential ingredients will contribute to a fantastic dinner with a bit of fun thrown in for your friends. Sushi is a delicacy and has to be made correctly in Japanese restaurants but with the right ingredients a bit of leeway for a party is allowed but raw fish, or Nigiri, is the main ingredient and to create the delicate fish slices professionally you'll need to own a good set of Japanese sushi knives.

Raw Seafood Sashimi - Japanese Kitchen Knives

You can buy complete Sushi making kits from any oriental supermarket, or order one online. The basics you need to use your Japanese cooking knives for are Nori, which are the dark green sheets of seaweed. It's used to roll the rice up into neat packages of fish, vegetables, tofu, spring onion, cucumber, asparagus and high quality sushi standard fish, which are then sliced into rolls. Any good fishmonger will be able to supply you with sushi grade raw fish. You can choose from salmon, tuna, crayfish, shrimps and cut them to the right size with very sharp Japanese sushi knives. Some fishmongers even sell the fish eggs that are added to some styles of sushi rolls. You lay the Nori down onto the bamboo rolling mat, add a long roll of rice then sprinkle the rest of your chosen food along it and, while pressing down firmly, slowly roll the mat up, squeezing the rice and Nori firmly together. Once your sushi roll is made, take one of your sharp Japanese chef knives and slice it into individual small rolls. Invite your guests to join in this part of the food preparation and before you know it you'll have a delicious huge meal for everyone. Just add the sake, Miso soups and garnishes.

Garnishes & Wine - Japanese Knife Sets & Japanese Chef Knives

Pink, pickled Sushi ginger called Sushi Gari is always included as a delicious garnish to accompany sushi rolls and wasabi too. Wasabi is very hot horseradish paste that normally comes in a tube. You only need to add a very tiny bit of Wasabi to recreate the authentic sushi flavour. Mirin is a staple of oriental cooking and is the main ingredient in teriyaki sauce. It's used to flavour rice, soups, sauces and a myriad of other uses. It's a sweet syrup made from sake rice wine and can make all the difference to the eastern flavour of your cuisine. Don't forget to serve hot sake in the traditional sake jugs and cups to finish off your evening party in style.

Japanese Knives & Japanese Cooking Knives

A few bento boxes or black flat plates to display your creations will complete your dinner party setup. Don't forget the chop sticks too! If you need to furnish your kitchen with some fine quality Japanese knives take a look at the collection that ProCook have online. Order your Japanese cooking knives today