Choosing the Best Knife Sharpener

You can ensure you choose the best knife sharpener for your needs by following a few simple rules and looking for the telltale characteristics of quality sharpening tools.

Dull or blunt knives can ruin the presentation, texture and even taste of a meal. Professional chefs know that in order to prepare outstanding culinary creations, they must take excellent care of their knives. Finding the best knife sharpener can be difficult with so many designs on the market. As a result, many people find that following in the footsteps of professionals can help them to realign their knives and give them the edge in the kitchen.


The Best Knife Sharpener: Sharpening Steels

Sharpening steels are used to realign the edge of the blade. A smooth steel will gently push the metal back into alignment. Because it lacks an abrasive surface, the knife will not be subjected to damage on its delicate edge. Additionally, for those new to knife sharpening; these sorts of steels are very forgiving if you fail to maintain a constant sharpening angle; making them ideal for beginners. However, it may take longer to refine an edge compared to a more abrasive steel; leading many to regard grooved sharpening steels as the best knife sharpener.

Traditional grooved steels focus pressure on the edge of the blade and act like a file. Used lightly, they are more rapid in action than smooth steels due to their mildly abrasive design and are more robust than glass or ceramic knife sharpeners. Choosing the best knife sharpener also depends on your personal preference. Look for a rod steel that is comfortable to use, not too long so that it hinders realignment and not too short that it


Other Types of Knife Sharpeners

Whetstone Sharpener – With a course and fine grained side to choose from, a Whetstone sharpener can be used give your knives the desired sharpness you require.  

Spring Loaded Sharpener – Spring-loaded sharpeners are at the optimum sharpening angle and rotate under pressure.  


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