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Chop Chop – Isn't it Time you Bought a Quality Knife Set?

When it comes to cooking if you want to be the sharpest knife in the drawer you will need a quality knife set

There is nothing worse than having a selection of amazing ingredients to cook but not being able to cut through them because of inferior knives. Shoddy knives can cause great frustration in the kitchen and ruin the aesthetic of a gorgeous meal. There are loads of good quality kitchen knives on the market and to complete your kitchen there are some great value knife sets. If you switch on the TV you are likely to find at least one cookery programmes on (as they are huge at the moment), and on this programme you will notice that the celebrity chef will be using a premium quality knife set. The top chefs don't compromise when it comes to things that make a difference and good kitchen knives really do.

Cutting Edge Knife Sets

Knives for cutting food have evolved from sharpened pieces of flint in the Stone Age to sophisticated alloys of different elements, attached to ergonomic handles. The top knife sets today contain a variety of the most essential kitchen knives, though it is possible to acquire knife sets containing up to 16 knives which may contain blades meant for more specific uses. Here are a few kitchen knives that may be contained in a quality knife set:

Carving knife - a good carving knife will ensure that you can easily cut fine or thick slices of roast beef, turkey or any other meat

Bread knife – most knife sets include a decent bread knife which will slice mercilessly through a loaf or crusty baguette

Cook's knife – a top quality cook's knife will have a gently curved blade to allow it to rock - this means you can cut safely even at high speed

Paring knife – this blade is perfect for peeling and paring fruit and vegetables and is a real necessity

The Best Materials to Choose for your Knife Set

The materials used for manufacturing contemporary kitchen knives have developed from simple metals to complex alloys which have many benefits. The following are the most widely used materials and the reasons your knife set should be made from them:

Stainless steel – stainless steel is popular as it is highly resistant to corrosion, as well as being thin and flexible

Carbon steel – this is an alloy of iron and carbon and knives made of this material hold their edge well and are easy to sharpen

High carbon stainless steel - this material is an alloy which has the benefits of stainless steel and carbon: it is extremely strong, durable, it doesn't discolour and it keeps a sharp edge for a long time

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