Chopping Boards - Cleaning and Care

Chopping boards will serve for many years, as long as you apply the right maintenance and care.

Keeping chopping boards and other kitchen accessories clean is essential for ensuring the best health and safety in a commercial or domestic kitchen. It is also important for prolonging the life of your tools and utensils, and this applies to chopping boards too.

Whether you have plastic chopping boards, wooden chopping boards, carving boards, or spiked chopping boards, regular cleaning is absolutely essential. Appropriate care will prolong the life and effectiveness of your chopping boards, but more importantly, you can maintain the highest levels of cleanliness. In the worst case scenario, chopping boards that are not looked after in the correct way could pose serious health risks in the kitchen.

The Importance of Keeping Chopping Boards Clean

Bacteria can survive well in damp environments, so keeping chopping boards clean and dry can prevent germ build up. When your chopping board is not being used, wash it and dry it then store it in a clean space.

Chopping boards are ideal breeding grounds for harmful bacteria such as salmonella, E. Coli and other harmful germs, and this can lead to serious health risks. Food poisoning can happen in the home or in a commercial eatery. Wherever you are, it is important that chopping boards are kept clean and free from bacteria.

The Best Methods of Keeping Chopping Boards Clean

Whether you use wooden boards, plastic or glass chopping boards, or spiked chopping boards, there are ways of keeping them as clean and germ free as possible. Here are a few tips to consider when cleaning chopping boards, at home or in the workplace:

  • Avoid moisture – keep your chopping boards clean and dry and stand them up when storing them to avoid moisture building up underneath the board.
  • Wash with hot water – some like to use the traditional cleaning solution of hot water and soap. The acetic acid in vinegar makes a great disinfectant, so using vinegar or a hydrogen peroxide solution can be great for killing off bacteria.
  • Use lemon to neutralise smells – wooden chopping boards are prone to locking in strong odours from certain foods such as garlic or onions. Lemon can be rubbed on chopping boards to relieve strong smells and should be rinsed and dried after.

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