Cook the Lot with Chinese Woks

You can cook a variety of different dishes in a flash with versatile Chinese woks that make fabulous stir fry meals in an instant with generous pan sizes that cater for large numbers of people.


Chinese woks are a worthwhile addition to any kitchen. Not only can they fry up fabulously large portions in a flash, but their ingenious design allows for excellent heat retention and hassle-free cooking on a high heat. From Chinese dishes to western meals, there are a variety of foods that can be cooked quickly and easily with the help of Chinese woks. As a result, more and more people are investing in good quality Chinese woks for healthier home cooking.


Help Yourself to Healthier Home Cooking


You may think that most meals cooked in a wok would be unhealthy but in reality, non stick Chinese woks can cook vegetables and meats with very little oil. The non stick coating allows for excellent heat retention and distribution without scorching or burning the fried foods. This reduces the need for large amounts of fats or oils which can make even a vegetable stir fry unhealthy.


Chinese Woks and their Characteristics


Traditional Chinese woks have a curved concaved design which allows concentrated heat at the base of the wok to stir fry vegetables and meats dry or in a thick liquid. Chinese woks are designed to withstand high temperatures at the base of the pan for searing purposes. Choosing non stick Chinese woks makes tossing the contents of the wok easier as it allows seared noodles, vegetables and rice to slip freely over the surface of the pan.


Top Uses for Chinese Woks


Stir Fry – Chinese woks are suited to high heat stir frying of vegetables and meats.

Soups – The high sloping sides of Chinese woks are perfect for soups and curries that require the searing of vegetables and pastes prior to cooking.

Steaming – Chinese woks can be bought with lids which make them perfect for steaming. From rice to vegetables, non stick Chinese woks let foods baste in their own juices; helping to preserve the flavour.


Chinese Woks from ProCook


If you are looking for Chinese woks to add to your cookware collection, you can find a variety of woks to suit your needs at ProCook. Whether you need a Peking wok or oven safe Chinese woks; you can find the right non stick pan for you.