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Cook Up a Storm with Cast Iron Cookware

If you want to complete your kitchen with the very best equipment you might want to go for cast iron cookware

Dinner parties are becoming increasingly popular as TV shows like 'Come Dine With Me' illustrate. If you are a bit of a gourmet and you love eating well and cooking delectable dishes for your family and friends, you really should own a good set of cast iron cookware.

The History of Cast Iron Cookware

The very first cooking pots were made of pottery thousands of years ago. These cooking vessels developed into earthenware which was glazed with plant gum at first, and later with ceramic coatings. As metalworking developed through the ages cookware started being produced from materials such as bronze and iron. Metal became an increasingly popular material for cooking and most medieval kitchens contained an iron cauldron and a spit for roasting. By the 1600s most western kitchens were filled with metal utensils and cookware such as skillets, pots, pans and a kettle. Hundreds of years on, metal cookware and cast iron cookware in particular are still very popular.

Cast Iron Cookware Today

Cast iron is still commonly used in today's kitchens as the material has a number of benefits for cooking. It heats food evenly and it can withstand extremely high temperatures, making it ideal for searing meat and fish. Cast iron cookware can even help improve your health as small amounts of iron are absorbed into the food cooked within; this could be particularly beneficial for people who are anaemic. It is possible to buy cast iron cookware for use on hobs and in the oven. It can also be purchased in a number of colours to match the scheme of your kitchen. Products include:

Cast iron griddles – ridged inner bases give foods like beef or tuna steaks that tantalising griddled, striped appearance. They often feature a wooden stay-cool handle and some even a have pouring lip on each side so are ideal for left or right handed cooks.

Reversible cast iron griddles – ideal for use on a barbeque, double-sided cast iron griddles retain heat, moisture and flavour brilliantly.

Cast iron casserole dishes – these are often hand-cast from molten iron, giving them amazing strength and durability. They are also suitable for hob or oven cooking.

Cast Iron Classics

If you choose to buy cast iron cookware it will enable you to cook some classic dishes, as well as experiment with some concoctions of your own. Just for now, here are a few ideas:

- Seared tuna nicoise

- Seared duck breast

- Beef and oyster stew

- Coq au vin...and many more.

If you want to cook any of the above dishes you will need the right cookware for the job. To buy the best equipment you can have a look on your high street or there are loads of sites where you can buy cast iron cookware online. If you buy the best cookware for the job you will soon be creating cast iron classics.

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