Create Original, Quality Cookies with a Biscuit Cutter

If you have a sweet tooth and you want to make some delicious, biscuity treats, a biscuit cutter or cookie cutter will make them look extra special.


Biscuits and cookies are sweet treats that are made all over the world and adored by millions of sweet-toothed food fans. There are loads of companies that manufacture tonnes of biscuits every year but the most enjoyable one is often the biscuit that you make yourself with your own fair hands, a biscuit cutter and a cookie sheet. With your own biscuit cutter or cookie cutter you should be able to create some real unique and brilliant biccis. That fresh from the oven taste is also impossible to beat no matter where you buy your biscuits from so if you want to really treat your family, friends or yourself to some moist but crunchy cookies, get yourself a cookie cutter and a few ingredients and you could be impressing people in no time.


What you can Do with a Biscuit Cutter


A biscuit cutter or cookie cutter is a simple tool that you can use to cut rolled sheets of biscuit dough into particular shapes to make them look a bit special. A biscuit cutter can be made of copper, tin, stainless steel, aluminium, plastic and it is a great bakeware tool for having a bit of fun in the kitchen, especially with kids who often love the effects achieved with a biscuit cutter. It is a nice way to customise your cookies and to make them look a little different from traditional round ones, and there are numerous shapes of biscuit cutter available that you could use, such as the following:


• Foot shaped

• Hand shaped

• Star shaped

• Heart shaped

• Gingerbread man shaped

• Alphabet shaped

• Fluted cookie cutter



Great Occasions to Use a Biscuit Cutter


Every day is a good day to bake some biscuits but some occasions are perfect opportunities to use a biscuit cutter, such as:


Birthdays – a birthday cake is the traditional way to celebrate someone’s big day but why not break from tradition and make a huge batch of biscuits with your biscuit cutter, or bake a batch as well as a cake to make the birthday boy or girl feel really special, and soon very full!

Christmas – the festive period is all about food so why not knock up a stack of Christmas cookies. You will be able to find a festive biscuit cutter in the shape of a Christmas tree or Santa Claus and decorate your treats with icing.

Halloween – use your biscuit cutter or cookie cutter to make a batch of spooky Halloween snacks for trick-or-treaters, or just eat them yourself watching old movies.


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