Cupcake Stands for Deliciously Different Party Plans

You can cater to the crowd with cupcake stands that put your little cakes in the limelight. From weddings to house parties; your cupcakes can go down a treat when you choose confectionary stands with a delicious twist.


Get baking brilliant with cupcake stands that stand out at any occasion. Originally placed on tiered trays, cupcake stands now come in a variety of styles and designs. Chrome plated cupcake stands are becoming increasingly popular as their delicate design and shiny finish makes for attractive tableware. Cupcake stands are easy to assemble and can often be flat packed for storage. Most of us love to display our culinary creativity on these tasty towers. Cupcake stands can beautifully display confectionary and prevent cakes becoming squashed or damaged.


Cupcake Stands: The Original Party Piece


Cupcake stands look great at any gathering. Raised off the table, they can quickly entice people to sample your party food. Spiral cupcake stands can even be decorated to suit your venue. Flowers and foliage can easily be attached to the metal frame to give the illusion of a solid decoration or a tempting cake tree. When decorating, cupcakes can be rested in the cupcake stands to allow for the easy application of icing and decorations. Additionally, the elevated cupcake stands can provide adequate air circulation underneath the cupcakes; preventing the bases from going soggy with prolonged plate contact.


Whatever the Occasion Demands, Use Cupcake Stands

Cupcake stands can be beneficial to a whole host of special occasions.

Wedding Cake – More and more people are ditching the traditional wedding cake for something more exciting. Cupcake stands can be used to place individual cakes on display for your guests for a cost-effective and tasty alternative to the bog standard fruit cake.

Cake Shop – Whether you own a cake shop or are simply having a bake sale, cupcake stands help your products stand out from the crowd. By displaying the most attractive part of the cake in a decorative way, your fairy cakes can be snapped up by tempted buyers.

Tea Party – Presentation is always the key to being a good hostess. Whether you want to impress your friends or simply make those slightly askew cakes look immaculate; cupcake stands can make them look a treat.