Dice It Your Way with a Mandolin Vegetable Slicer

Dice It Your Way with an Adjustable Mandolin Vegetable slicer

You can dice it your way with an adjustable Mandolin vegetable slicer that cuts vegetables to your exact specifications. Whether you love your carrots julienne or your peppers chopped to perfection; Mandolin precision cutters make the cut every time.

Families are notoriously fussy. When one child likes their chips straight cut, the other prefers theirs crinkle cut. Even if variety is the spice of life, in reality, it is usually simpler to cut your vegetables the easiest way every time. However, with the adjustable Mandolin vegetable slicer you can keep everyone happy at the dinner table with vegetables that are cut to every specification.

Custom Cutters: Mandolin Vegetable Slicer

Depending on your dish, you will often require vegetables cut to certain specifications. From pizza toppings to thinly sliced apple for your pie; it can be tricky to cut consistently with traditional cutting knives. Unless you are a professional chef, it is unlikely that your culinary creation will look as good as it tastes. But with a Mandolin precision cutter, the addition of an adjustable dial can help you cut, dice and slice vegetables, fruit and cheese to your exact specifications. From shape and texture to thickness and size; the seven interchangeable blades offer a variety of cutting options.

Mandolin Makes Precision Perfect Pieces

Dice it your way with a Mandolin vegetable slicer that caters to every aspect of cutting, dicing and slicing to a professional level. With consistent results and high quality blades; precision cutting is made simple and efficient.

Horizontal Blade – The Mandolin vegetable slicer’s horizontal blade can be used to make crinkle slices for gherkins, crinkle cut chips and vegetables for a visually interesting and textured salad or dish.

Straight Slicer – Mandolin straight slicer blades can be used to cut slivers of potato crisps or apple thins as a finishing touch to a dish or desert.

Grater – Fine and medium Mandolin vegetable slicer graters can grate vegetables for salads, cheeses, potato for rostis and a whole host of other items that require fine slicing.

Cutters – In three different widths, Mandolin vegetable slicer cutters can be used to cut juliennes vegetables to different widths, stick vegetables and fries whether you prefer them straight or crinkle cut.

Delectably Different Dicing with the Mandolin vegetable slicer from ProCook

 If you want to cut vegetables to suit your recipe requirements, you can find our high quality Mandolin precision cutter at ProCook.  The Mandolin vegetable slicer comes with seven blades that can be used to slice to your specification.