Dine Decadently with a Wine Carafe

You can dine decadently with a wine carafe that allows your table to look a little more sophisticated with glassware that is functional, fashionable and classy enough to adorn the most stylish of tables.


Entertaining is enjoyable because everyone likes to cater for their friends and family. Those little finishing touches to the table let them know how special they are to you. As a result, many people like to dine decadently when it comes to special occasions. From celebratory meals to Sunday dinner, it is nice to make the most of having good company around the dinner table. Table accessories can be integral to your decadently decorated table. The humble wine carafe can make more of an impact than you might imagine. This clear cut glassware is effortlessly stylish and suited to a variety of occasions and uses. Its versatility and sophisticated appearance makes it a perfect hostess gift for frequent feasting.


Emanate Style and Class with a Wine Carafe


Classy restaurants use wine carafes on their tables as it provides a cleaner and more consistent look across the dining tables. The unique shape and design of a wine carafe allows red wine to aerate at the table and looks infinitely classier next to your cuisine that a wine bottle. The open top on a wine carafe ensures any beverage is ready to pour as and when it is needed. Whether you are trying to instantly chill wine win with ice or make fruity sangria, ice and fruit will be distributed evenly as you pour; thanks to the cleverly designed neck shape.


Top Uses for Your Wine Carafe


Iced Water – Water can be transformed into an attractive centrepiece when you fill a wine carafe with ice and lemon slices.


Wine Aerator – The design of a wine carafe ensures that red wine can breathe and reach optimum room temperature.


Centrepiece – When not in use, a wine carafe can be filled with decorative stones or flowers and ice for a beautifully stylish centrepiece.


Pick Up a Wine Carafe from ProCook


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