Dip Happier Soldiers in Delightful Egg Holders

You can dip happier soldiers with delightfully designed egg holders that help you make beautifully presented breakfasts for the whole family.

Making the most of breakfast time is becoming a top priority for many families. With busier lives, few people have had the time to enjoy a leisurely breakfast together. Eggs are a quick, easy and satisfying. Once common place amongst the British breakfast table, more and more people are bringing egg holders back into their daily dining routine. With a range of stylish and functional egg holders to choose from on the market; families are enjoying dipping their toasted soldiers in designer egg holders.

Make Breakfast Egg-stra Special with Egg Holders

Better breakfasts start with well presented food. Egg holders are indispensible at the breakfast table. Their elevated design not only makes eating your hard or soft boiled egg easier but contemporary egg holder designs can add to the overall presentation of a meal. From entertaining guests to encouraging your kids to eat; egg holders can help make breakfast and brunch a little more exciting. Children enjoy playing with their food and no food is more acceptable to play with than egg and toasted soldiers. With a range of egg holders to choose from, the whole family can enjoy having their own personal egg cup or stand.

Designer Egg Holders: Put Your Eggs Centre Stage

Egg holders come in a range of classic and contemporary designs. They can be chosen to match your kitchen decor or your tableware. However you choose to display your eggs, you can put them in the limelight with designer egg holders that deliver on style and functionality.

Spiral Wire Egg Holders – Spiral chrome egg holders are a stylish way to keep your eggs on your plate. Their design ensures eggs cool quickly for young children and stops the egg from continuing to cook it its shell; ensuring a runny centre.

Ceramic Egg Holders – Classic ceramic egg holders hold the heat for those that like to keep their eggs warm for as long as possible.

Chrome Stand Egg Holders – The latest addition to the breakfast table has been egg holders in the form of stands. These stylish chrome egg holders give you access to the egg in its entirety whilst holding it as if it were a priceless Faberge egg.

Cook a Breakfast Egg-stravaganza with ProCook

If you want to rustle up a quick, tasty and well-presented breakfast, you can find egg holders to make the most of your mealtimes at ProCook.  We stock a range of egg holders in designs to suit your kitchen decor and tableware