Dish Towels - The Unsung Heroes of the Kitchen

Many things are necessary to create a fantastic kitchen, and no least of all dish towels – the unsung heroes of the kitchen.


A kitchen relies on many things to be successful; it must have all the required fittings and appliances such as ovens and fridges; it must have all the necessary utensils such as cutlery, chopping knives and colanders, and it must also have quality dish towels.


You have probably experienced a time when you just can’t find a dish towel, or you have put them all in the wash, to find that you just can’t cope without them. Dish towels really are the unsung heroes of the kitchen.


The Many Heroics Deeds of Dish Towels


You may be wondering where this is going, as dish towels are surely just for, well, drying dishes and plates. But they are so much more and they do so much more, as illustrated below:


• Drying dishes – as mentioned this is one of the important duties of dish towels.

• Cleaning surfaces – when cooking it is easy to make a mess and sometime you need to clear a surface quickly to get on with the nest part of your task. For this job, dish towels are ideal.

• Mopping spills – again when cooking or when enjoying a meal with a glass of wine spills often occur, but the trusty dish towel is always there to help.

• Alternatives to oven gloves – if you need to quickly grab something out of the oven dish towels are great, and sometimes even easier to use than thick, cumbersome oven gloves.

• Insulating surfaces against heat – hot food often needs to rest on a work surface for a while but of course you don’t want to damage surfaces with hot trays or pans. Fear not as a dish towel can be folded and laid down to prevent any harm.


It seems that without these handy items life in the kitchen would be much more difficult, so next time you’re mopping up a spill or drying a bowl, remember the unsung hero of the kitchen: the humble dish towel.


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