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Don't Get the Axe – Use a Real Butchers Cleaver

Are you a dab hand in the kitchen and love cooking at home? Why not train to become a professional butcher?

Professional butchers can normally learn their trade on the shop floor, but you can train to become one at college too and gain useful qualifications. If you want to work as a butcher and weald a butchers cleaver like a professional then read on for some tasty tips.

Local is the Best – Kitchen Cleaver

More and more people these days are starting to question where their meat originates and a backlash against large supermarket chains has given rise to a new respect for local butchers. Shops on the high street have suffered in the past from cheaper, imported beef, pork, chicken and lamb from countries that don't have the same strict quality and checking levels that UK farms have. Local butchers also suffered during the BSE scare as well as the foot and mouth disaster in the early nineties. Nowadays with the rising popularity of TV chef shows like River Cottage and Jamie Oliver educating the masses about the benefits of local produce, animal welfare and how the food chain works more and more people are turning back to their own butchers for advice. If you want to learn how to butcher a pig or a cow all by yourself then you'll need a good quality kitchen cleaver.

The Basics of Butchering a Pig – Meat Cleavers

Apart from becoming a smallholder and keeping your own pigs to provide meat for you and your family, most people never learn how to cut up a pig unless they're in the trade. Even smallholders use the on-site butcher at an abattoir to do the hard work for them, or take their carcasses to their local butcher. But if you're game, and you own a nice sharp butchers cleaver, there's no reason not to do it yourself. Learn about the different areas on a pig from leg, rib, back and shoulder first so you know what you're cutting with your kitchen cleaver, and learn from a professional to get the results you want.

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