Enjoy Milling Around with a Stylish Pepper Grinder

You can enjoy seasoning your supper with a pepper grinder that is as stylish as it is functional; with adjustable grind and contemporary design that makes it anything but run of the mill.

The humble pepper grinder is a classic Western table accessory. Found in almost every restaurant and establishment in Britain, the pepper grinder has been redesigned time and time again. From quirky figurines to stylishly functional mills; there is a pepper grinder to suit every taste and kitchen interior. Most people prefer a pepper grinder that allows pepper corns to be ground to their desired coarseness and as a result, adjustable pepper mills have become increasingly popular for use in the kitchen and on the table.

Beat the Daily Grind with a Quality Pepper Grinder

An inferior pepper grinder can leave you frustrated at the dinner table if they have a stiff grinding mechanism or poor grind distribution. The perfect pepper grinder should have an adjustable grind mechanism that allows you to change the grind from course to fine depending on your taste. Professional chefs will often opt for a ceramic grinding mechanism which will not corrode or rust and can be adjusted from fine to course grinding by means of a knob on the top. This allows them to season meats prior to cooking with large grinds and lightly dust a dish at the table with the same pepper grinder. Additionally, a good grinding mechanism will ensure the perfect grind with minimal effort.

Pepper Grinders with the Designer Edge

Brushed Stainless Steel – Those who are style-savvy often choose contemporary pepper grinder designs to complement their kitchen aesthetic. Brushed stainless steel is clean and attractive; helping your pepper grinder look like a stylish table ornament.


Punched Names – Punched “salt” and “pepper” names in a pepper grinder are perfect for those that like a quirkier tableware design. From engraved letters to large labels; identifying your condiments is simpler with arty designer mills.


Integrated Windows – A good pepper grinder should be functional and stylish. Look for one with integrated windows to let you know when you need to fill it up with more pepper corns.


Pick Up a Pepper Grinder at ProCook


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