Get Can-Do Cookware with Cast Iron Grillits

You can own can-do cookware with cast iron grillits that are versatile, durable, safe to use and offer health benefits over other pots and pans; giving you a great value grill pan that can handle the heat.


Cast iron grillits have been a staple part of the cookware cabinet for hundreds of years and used within the home for a variety of culinary delights. Whether you want to go back to basics with a versatile grill pan or just need cookware that will last the test of time; cast iron grillits can do it all. Surrounded by modern cookware technology, it is surprising that cast iron grillits are so reliable and durable. Their robust design is unmistakeable and many high quality cast iron grillits tend to last beyond their 25 year guarantee.


Expect More with Enamelled Cast Iron Grillits


Tried and trusted in both domestic and commercial settings, cast iron grillits are the pan of choice for many cooking fanatics. Their versatility and durable nature has made them one of the most popular items of cookware in the kitchen. Withstanding higher temperatures; they are perfect for searing meats and grilling vegetables. Traditional cast iron cookware often requires seasoning but modern cast iron grillits can be bought enamelled. This eliminates the need for seasoning, prevents rust and ensures they are naturally non stick.


Cook Healthier Food on Your Hob with Cast Iron Grillits


If you care about what you eat, it makes sense to care about what you cook with. Many people turn to cast iron grillits to help them cook healthier on their hobs.

Low Fat FryingThe ridged base of cast iron grillits ensures any excess fat run off can be collected and disposed of if necessary. Additionally, because the grillit retains heat well, it is able to handle even low fat food items without scorching or sticking.


Iron Content - If you are lacking in iron, it has been suggested that cast iron grillits can be beneficial to your iron levels as trace amounts end up harmlessly in your food.


Grill It in Style with Cast Iron Grillits from ProCook


If you are looking for cast iron grillits for your cooking needs, you can find a great selection of grill pans at ProCook.  Our cast iron grillets come in sizes and designs to suit your culinary needs.