Get Hearty Home Cooking with a Casserole Dish Set

Get that rustic home-cooked feel with a casserole dish set that lets you dine a bit differently. With that oven-to-table appeal and a versatile dish set; you can create comfort food that tastes as good as it looks.


Everyone loves country home cooking that reminds them of mother’s meals and family gatherings around the dinner table. The classic casserole dish is ceramic and often open topped. They can be found in a range of sizes to accommodate your different dishes or serving needs. The beauty of a high quality casserole dish is that you can use it for cooking, presenting and serving your meals. From bubbling bakes to tender, juicy stews; you can rustle up a rustic dinner in a casserole dish that does dining a little differently.


Bake Better with a Ceramic Casserole Dish

The ceramic casserole dish has a number of attributes that make it perfectly suited to cooking hearty, weighty ingredients. Glazed earthenware, stoneware and ceramics are dense enough to lock in the moisture of your meat; ensuring the flavourful juices are retained. The open topped casserole dish is best suited to bakes, pies and hotpots that require a crispy crust. However, their versatile design makes them suitable for baking almost anything. From roasting vegetables in a glaze to cooking entire roasts; their dense ceramic layer helps radiate heat evenly throughout your dish.

Get Creative Kitchenware with a Casserole Dish

The open top ceramic casserole dish can be used in a variety of ways. The marvellous simplicity of their design and durability makes them perfect for hearty home cooking.

  • Cookware – Bake, broil and roast whatever you need in a ceramic casserole dish set that cooks any one pot meal to perfection.
  • Serving Dish – Make your stews, casseroles and bakes look presentable on the table with a ceramic casserole dish that is as fashionable as it is functional.
  • Tableware – Ceramic casserole dishes retain their heat for longer. Keep your vegetables, potatoes and meat cuts warm by preheating one of your casserole dishes to take to the table.


Find a Delectably Different Casserole Dish at ProCook


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