Get Out of a Sticky Situation with Non-Stick Bakeware

If you have problems in the kitchen with food getting stuck to your cooking equipment, you need non-stick bakeware.

There is nothing worse when you are cooking a tasty meal or baking a cake than it getting stuck to the bottom or the sides of the pan or tin. In cooking this can lead to your food burning and in baking it can mean that when you remove your delicious dish from the oven and try to remove it from its baking tin or bun sheet, it falls apart. If this is a problem that you are familiar with and you need some help, simply buy some non-stick bakeware.

Non-Stick Bakeware for the Bakers' Revolution

It is official: baking is big! People all over the UK love to bake cakes, buns, cookies and scones and the evidence of this can be seen before our very eyes – on TV. That's right, a brand new television programme on BBC 2 called The Great British Bake Off has appeared on our screens and funnily enough it's all about baking. Non-stick bakeware is abundant on this show which sees aspiring bakers compete with each other for the title of master baker. The fact that a TV show all about baking is being shown on a prime channel at a prime family viewing time (5.10pm) proves that there is something of a bakers' revolution going on, and for such a movement the right equipment is needed, meaning non-stick bakeware.

Non-Stick Bakeware Available

All the traditional pieces of baking equipment can thankfully be found in non-stick bakeware sets which is great news for anyone who has tried to remove a cake from a cake tin and lost the edge of it because it has clung for its life to the sides of the tin. The following pieces of kitchen equipment are all available as non-stick bakeware:

• Baking tin – available as non-stick bakeware and therefore perfect for any cake from chocolate fudge to carrot or walnut.

• Loose-bottom square tin – with autumn coming up a great seasonal use of a non-stick bakeware square tin would be to make a few batches of delicious, spicy parkin.

• Bun sheet – whatever the occasion it is always a good time to make buns, and a non-stick bakeware bun sheet will allow you to create some gorgeous little treats that you will be able to easily remove from the sheet.

• Cookie sheet – everyone loves cookies and with a cookie sheet you can make as many as you want, as often as you would like. Pour a glass of milk and prepare to munch away.

• Roasting tray – a non-stick roasting tray would be perfect for roasting any meat and/or vegetables, or to bake a large fish.

• Loaf pan – there are few smells nicer and more tantalising than fresh bread and if you want to enjoy this smell, and the great taste associated with it as often as you like, a non-stick bakeware loaf pan will allow you to.

For Non-Stick Bakeware it's Got to be ProCook

ProCook is the UK's leading specialist cookware retailer and subsequently has a fantastic range of non-stick bakeware to help you cook up a storm with getting into any sticky situations.