Get Right to the Point with Sharpening Steels

You can get right to the point with sharpening steels that can help keep your knives razor sharp and in top condition by giving each knife an exceptionally long lasting cutting edge.

Blunt knives are a professional chef’s worst nightmare. Dull edges can damage vegetables, impair flavour and make a mess of meal preparation. Top chefs know that in order to create a culinary masterpiece, they need to utilise high quality tools and have sharp knives at their disposal. Even top quality knives become dull after a while but with the help of sharpening steels; chefs and cooking enthusiasts can breathe new life into their tired knives and save themselves a bundle in the process.

Sharpening Steels: A Cut Above the Rest

Keeping your kitchen knives sharp is essential to help them last the test of time. Dull knives are more subject to kinks and breakages from weakened areas. Sharpening steels can help keep knives in tip top condition by giving knives a remarkable strength, durability and a longer lasting cutting edge. There is no need to dice with disaster when you have sharpening steels to hand. Where there is meat that needs thinly carving or vegetables that require precise chopping and immaculate preparation; sharpening steels can reinvigorate your knives.

Selecting Your Knife Sharpener

Whetstone Sharpener – With a course and fine grained side to choose from, a Whetstone sharpener can be used give your knives the desired sharpness you require. Soak the stone in water for ten minutes prior to sharpening.

Spring Loaded Sharpener – Spring-loaded sharpeners are at the optimum sharpening angle and rotate under pressure. Suitable for sharpening both plain and serrated blades it is capable of reviving all manner of blunt knives including scissors and cleavers.

Sharpening Steels – Sharpening steels have blades tapered through their entire depth for superior strength and cutting efficiency.

Sharpening Steels from ProCook

If you are looking for sharpening steels to help you spruce up your kitchen knives; you can find a range of sharpening steels to suit your needs at ProCook. We stock an extensive collection of knife sharpening aids to help you keep your kitchen equipment up to scratch.