Get Your Baking in Order with a Cupcake Holder

You can dish up your delectable treats with a cupcake holder that puts all your fairy cakes on display with a temptingly different cake stand design.


The recent cupcake craze has captured the hearts of every baking enthusiast. More and more people are realising how easy it is to conjure up their own little cakes in the kitchen. With bakeware making it easier than ever to turn out tantalising treats; the tradition of cake stands and displays has re-emerged. The humble cupcake holder has become the must-have accessory with which to display your gourmet gems.


Cupcake Holder: The Perfect Presentation Platform


A cupcake holder can make those teatime treats look more tempting with a display stand that shows of the best parts of the cake. Whether your cakes are covered with dreamy frosting or overloaded with delicious toppings; a cupcake holder can exhibit your sweet treats for all to see. Metallic spiral stands make the perfect understated cupcake holder. Once they are loaded with luscious cakes, the stand discreetly blends into the background as if the cakes are floating in mid air; for a magical effect.


Get Creative with Your Cupcake Holder

The modern day cupcake holder is not just suited to the average fairy cake. From truffles to tarts; you can display an array of confectionary on its branches, posts and pillars.

Chocolates – A cupcake holder with spiral holders can hold smaller confectionary like chocolates whether they are bundled in bags or bunched together on each platform.

Easter Eggs - A spiral cupcake holder will often have dipped holders to sit the cakes in. These are perfect for the domed bottoms of Easter eggs that would otherwise be sat in unsightly plastic packaging.

Candied Fruit – Candied apples and glace fruits look great in a cupcake holder. They are also the perfect place to let your candied fruit harden evenly as they have minimum contact with the stand.

Go Bolder with a Cupcake Holder from ProCook

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