Give Plastic the Chop with Wooden Cutting Boards

You can give plastic the chop with wooden cutting boards that are stylish, durable and practical enough for all your chopping, slicing, dicing and carving needs.

Wooden cutting boards are a kitchen essential. Their versatile and simple design makes them suitable for a variety of daily cooking tasks. From chopping to resting meats and carving to presenting cheeses; there are a number of uses for the common chopping board. Some people prefer to use plastic chopping boards believing they are more hygienic. In reality, wooden cutting boards have naturally antibacterial properties and can be washed and maintained very easily. Additionally, their stylish rustic appeal allows them to blend in naturally with both classic and contemporary kitchen designs.

Make the Cut with Wooden Cutting Boards

Your culinary prowess is determined by the care you take during the preparation of food. Whether you need to cut vegetables or prepare cuts of meat; most chefs know that they will require a sturdy base on which to produce consistent and uniform results. From butterflying a chicken breast to chopping vegetables; wooden cutting boards are durable enough to withstand the swift cuts to both delicate and tough food items; allowing for immaculate presentation of ingredients. Wooden cutting boards are so versatile that they can even be used as a cheese board or to rest meat on after cooking. Long grain wooden cutting boards are stylishly simple enough to be brought directly to the table. Whether displaying breads and cheeses or holding a roast; many cooks find that they can make the cut every time.

Choosing Your Wooden Cutting Boards

Carving Groove – Wooden cutting boards with a carving groove allow for juice run off after cooking; preventing spillages on your countertop or table an giving you the space to carve immaculate slices.

Silicone Feet – Safety is paramount when cutting or chopping. Look for wooden cutting boards that have silicone feet to prevent slipping and sliding on your countertop; keeping your fingers safe and giving you more control over precision cutting or carving.

Wooden Cutting Boards from ProCook

If you are looking for wooden cutting boards to help you make the cut in your kitchen; you can find a range of chopping boards to suit your needs at ProCook. We stock an extensive collection of wooden cutting boards in sizes and designs to meet your requirements.