Go Back to Basics with Cast Iron Skillets

You can go back to basics with cast iron skillets that work as well today as they always have. With their durable design and culinary benefits; you can use tried and trusted cookware in your modern day kitchen.


Cast iron skillets have become increasingly popular in recent years but they have not changed much in the way of design since the 1700s. With people turning back to age old cooking methods, cast iron skillets are trusted for their consistent performance. Some people prefer to use a cast iron skillet as they have not been subject to chemical treatments and are made of non toxic materials. Others prefer their heavy duty design and durable nature; ensuring they own cookware that can stand the test of time.


Too Hot to Handle: The Popularity of Cast Iron Skillets


Cast iron skillets are great for searing meats or frying as they can handle very high cooking temperatures. Heating non stick skillets above the recommended temperature can damage the coating, but with a cast iron skillet you can use a higher temperature without worrying about it cracking or peeling. Often moulded with pouring lips on both sides for right and left handed use; the skillet can collect and pour meat juices for gravies. Additionally, some people believe that cooking with cast iron skillets is actually healthier for you as traces of iron can be ingested from food that has been cooked in cast iron skillets.

The Advantages of Cooking with Cast Iron Skillets

The common skillet is renowned for its ease of use and versatility. However, choosing a non stick aluminium skillet can make those culinary mishaps less of a nightmare.

  • Naturally Non Stick - Cast iron skillets are naturally non stick which allows for greater food to pan contact; for even cooking results. 
  • High Cooking Temperatures – Cast iron skillets can handle the highest temperatures on the stove and in your oven.
  • Heat Retention – Cast iron skillets retain heat better than other cookware and distribute it evenly across the pan for incomparable cooking excellence.


Fry It, Bake It and Grill It with a Cast Iron Skillet from ProCook


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