Go Gourmet with Professional Garlic Crushers

You can go gourmet in your kitchen with professional garlic crushers that squeeze the best bits from every clove of your garlic and help infuse your culinary creations with flavour.


As a nation, we like to use a lot of garlic. For hundreds of years, garlic has been a staple of Mediterranean cuisine. Utilised throughout history in a variety of dishes, it has a unique flavour that can transform many meals into delectable dinners. Pungent and spicy, sometimes the smallest amounts can alter a dish. As a result, garlic crushers are used to control the amount of garlic added to a dish and to help release the flavours locked in every clove. As a result, garlic crushers have been developed to bring out the best in the culinary creations of the cook.


Garlic Crushers


Providing a stronger garlic flavour can often be achieved by using garlic crushers as opposed to adding more cut garlic cloves to any particular dish. Some chefs sprinkle a pinch of salt on their garlic prior to using garlic crushers. This draws out the water in the garlic; enhancing the flavour. Additionally, the salt can be used as an abrasive aid in garlic crushers like a pestle and mortar that mashes garlic into a paste. As a result, garlic crushers create a more concentrated form of garlic oils and ensure even distribution throughout a meal.


Types of Garlic Crusher


Garlic Press – A garlic press is one of the quickest and cleanest ways to crush garlic directly into a dish. The skin of the garlic does not even need to be removed for these garlic crushers as the crusher will hold back any peel.


Pestle & Mortar – A pestle and mortar is one of the most popular garlic crushers as it can also be used to ground other spices and herbs. Garlic can easily be mashed into a paste and blended into marinades or dressings within this versatile bowl.


Rolling Pin Crusher – Some people prefer to use rolling pin garlic crushers which allow you to crush cloves directly onto a chopping board and to go over any bits of garlic that are not crushed finely enough.


Garlic Crushers from ProCook


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