Griddle Me This! Cook It All with Stove Griddles

Griddle anything that takes your fancy with stove griddles that can fry, saute, grill, barbeque and braise a range of tasty treats for every meal of the day.


It’s no secret that everything seems to taste better when it’s griddled. Stove griddles are becoming increasingly popular in the home as people prefer healthier meals without compromising on the flavour of their food. Meats, vegetables and fish can be cooked in a variety of ways on these versatile stove griddles. From breakfast to dinner, there are a variety of meals that can be quickly and easily cooked up on stove griddles.


Stove Griddles Make Delectable Dinners


Stove griddles are becoming increasingly popular as their versatility and ridged design makes them suitable for creating a number of delicious meals. Stove griddles are ideal for creating that outdoor cooking flavour on your indoor stove. The ridged bases allow meats and vegetables to be seared for a pleasant taste and an attractive professional grill marks. The non stick base allows almost anything to be cooked, seared and braised without worrying about burning foods at high temperatures. Even low-fat foods can be cooked to perfection with stove griddles that cook evenly without mess or fuss.


Make a Meal of It with Stove Griddles


Breakfast – Stove griddles are perfect for a breakfast fry up. Their ridged base allows for fat run-off; ensuring your eggs, bacon and sausage is healthier and beautifully cooked.


Lunch – A good toasted Panini should be crisp on the outside and soft in the middle. Stove griddles are great for heating Paninis as they can cook flat breads with no oil; allowing for easy food release.

Dinner - Stove griddles are often wide and can come in square or rounded designs. Their large surface area allows a variety of items to be cooked at any one time; ensuring every elements of your meal comes together perfectly. Braised steak and seared vegetables can be cooked all at once within one simple griddle pan.


Stove Griddles from ProCook


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