Handle the Heat with Induction Hob Saucepans

Handle the Heat with Induction Hob Saucepans

You can handle the heat in your kitchen with induction hob saucepans that give more power to the chef with their accurately controllable temperature and smart technology that helps you cook the clever way every time.

Whether you are a professional chef, or simply someone who enjoys cooking a superior meal, the cooking equipment you use can drastically alter the quality of your dish. Cooking to a high quality requires equipment that is easily controlled to enable you to create the perfect dish. Smart cooking technology including induction hob saucepans could help you handle the heat in your kitchen with equipment that puts you in control of every element of your cooking.

Get Your Cooking Under Control with Induction Hob Saucepans

Standard electric hobs are difficult to control. Whether coil-based or halogen the elements can take longer to heat up and cool down. In the past the culinary experts have preferred to use gas-powered hobs that allow them to instantly control the level of heat applied to the pot. However, with induction hob saucepans the heat is generated within the cookware itself via an electromagnetic field. The strength of this field can be controlled precisely to enable the chef to make accurate changes in temperature making all the difference to a well-cooked dish.

Pack Heat with Induction Hob Saucepans

Make induction hob saucepans the weapon of choice in your kitchen with an array of pots that make cooking the perfect dish a doddle.

Quick Boil – Quick boil pans are a must-have for any aspiring chef. Take the stress out of the kitchen with induction hob saucepans that boil two pints of water in under a minute and reach stir fry temperature in under ten seconds.

Even Cooking – With induction hob saucepans the pots become the primary heat source. Unlike a standard hob, that heats the centre of the pot base, induction hob saucepans complete the electromagnetic field heating the food evenly throughout the cookware.

Intelligent Induction – Because induction hob saucepans are detectable by the unit some cookers can tell when your sauce has boiled dry and shut off the heat ensuring your sauce remains salvageable.

Induction Hob Saucepans from ProCook

If you are looking to take back control in your kitchen, you can find a range of induction hob saucepans to give you the edge in culinary excellence at ProCook.  Our induction hob saucepans come in a range of sizes and models to suit your cooking requirements.