How to Clean and Look After Your Stoneware Sets

Stoneware sets are becoming increasingly with modern day chefs and self-confessed foodies but what are the best ways of cleaning them?

Keeping our kitchens clean and tidy is easy if we stay organised, but it’s important to apply specialist care to certain types of kitchenware and bakeware.  If you are a proud owner of the wonderfully versatile stoneware sets, it’s important to clean and store them with great care in order to keep them in tip top condition.

What Exactly are Stoneware Sets?

Stoneware sets are made very differently from the metal, wooden or glass cooking implements we use in the kitchen, and this type of cooking set goes back many, many years.  Stoneware sets are cooking dishes made from clay and they are kiln-fired at very high temperatures.  The reason why so many self confessed foodies are taking up the stoneware trend is because cooking with these specialist stoneware sets can really mimic professional cooking.

Some of the best restaurants in the world use stoneware and stone ovens to equalise heat distribution in the food, and stoneware is particularly popular with pizza chefs in Italy.  If you’re an avid cook and you want to emulate the food cooked in the most prestigious restaurants around the world, it’s important to learn how to use and clean your stoneware sets properly.

Cleaning Your Stoneware Sets

  1. Preparation – before you think about the cleaning stage, you need to prepare your stoneware sets for cooking in the correct way.  Always season stoneware sets before use with vegetable oil so that you can mirror the non-stick properties of other cookware you may have.
  2. Use a stoneware scraper – invest in a stoneware scraper for your stoneware sets so that you can remove any remaining food after cooking.  Gently scrape the sides of your dish with the scraper tool or use a nylon bristle scrub brush. 
  3. Wash with hot water – use a sponge and hot water to clean stoneware sets.  Soap will break down any seasoning in the dish which keeps food from sticking during cooking. 
  4. Kill germs and bacteria – if you want to get rid of any germs and bacteria, place stoneware sets in the oven at 200 degrees and leave for a few minutes. Always allow to cool before storing away. 


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