If I Knew you were Comin' I'd've Baked a Cake – Magic with Mixing Bowls

If you've got visitor coming make them feel welcome the old fashioned way with a cake.

There are so many fantastic things you can make with mixing bowls and no kitchen is complete without mixing bowl sets, which include mixing bowls of all sizes. For many people mixing bowls remind them of childhood and their mother or grandmother stirring cake mixture, and maybe if they were lucky they would get to lick the bowl afterwards, as the mix was poured into a baking tin and put into the oven, to reappear an hour or two later as a delicious cake.

Marvellous Mixing Bowls

Cake is a much-loved dessert in the UK and is sold in bakeries, supermarkets, convenience stores, markets and other places to a plethora of people who just can't get enough of it. We know that we shouldn't eat too much of it but we can't help having the odd slice at least. It is a delicious treat for yourself or for a visitor. In the 'olden days' when people had guests it would have been seen as remiss of the host not to offer their visitors a cup of tea and a slice of homemade cake, and perhaps that tradition should be brought back. If you had friends to your house and offered them a gorgeous piece of chocolate fudge cake or carrot cake it would be a lovely way to welcome them. Mixing bowls are marvellous because they will allow you to cook up such treats with ease. With a mixing bowl set or just a couple of mixing bowls and a few simple ingredients such as flour, sugar and eggs you can create any number of gorgeous gateaux to stun your guests.

Kit out Your Kitchen with Mixing Bowls and Mixing Bowl Sets

If you want to be able to impress visitors with some beautiful baked goods you really should invest in some mixing bowls – how are you going to mix your cake mixture otherwise? There are an array of mixing bowls and mixing bowl sets on the market in high street shops and on respectable websites so you should have no problem finding one. Once you have acquired a couple of quality mixing bowls all you will need are a few ingredients, a bit of baking passion and a sweet tooth – or at least friends and family with a sweet tooth.

So, to make guests feel really welcome when they come to visit why not go for the traditional approach and bake them a cake to show that you care.

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