Induction Cooking Pans for Low Fat Cooking Fans

Induction Cooking Pans for Low Fat Cooking Fans

You can cook a tastier low-fat meal with induction cooking pans that come with an array of added benefits. Intelligent technology and non stick coating makes for even cooking without sticking or burning.

With spring around the corner more and more families are battling the bulge by cooking healthier, low fat meals. Traditional cookware can make switching to low fat food difficult to cook with pans that seem to stick to everything that touches them. Switching to specialist induction cooking pans could help you make a meal of it with tasty treats that retain their flavour despite being low in fat.

Eat Well with Induction Cooking Pans

Conventional cookware that is placed on a gas or electric hob can be prone to burning and over boiling, even on low settings, as it concentrates the heat directly underneath the pan. When cooking with low fat ingredients this effect can be intensified leading to scorched soups and frazzled vegetables with an unpleasant taste. With induction cooking pans the pots are made from ferrous magnetic material that completes the cooker’s electromagnetic field. As the induction cooking pans generate the heat themselves they can cook pan contents evenly throughout reducing the risk of burnt low fat dishes.

Choosing Your Induction Cooking Pans

Induction cooking pans are perfect for low fat cooking as different models come with even more benefits to make tasty meals out of the healthiest morsels.

Non Stick Induction – Non stick induction cooking pans can come with a superior Teflon Platinum Pro coating that improves low fat cooking, and even dry cooking, preventing sticking and burning and leaving the flavour intact.

Tempered Glass Lids – Low fat foods can often be bland and tasteless when they are improperly cooked. Induction cooking pans with tempered glass lids can seal in juices and nutrients from fresh garden vegetables.

Multiple Use – Staying on track with a healthy cooking regime requires a varied and exciting diet. Choosing induction cooking pans that can fry, sauté, steam, boil and casserole your healthy meals can ensure you find low fat food you enjoy cooking and eating.

Induction Cooking Pans from ProCook

If you want to make low fat cooking easier you can find a range of induction cooking pans at ProCook.  Our induction cooking pans are available in non stick and are suitable for all cooker types.