Induction Cooking: The Future is Ferromagnetic

Induction Cooking: The Future is Ferromagnetic

Induction cooking is revolutionising the culinary world with faster and more energy efficient heating that is generated directly within the cookware itself. Ferromagnetic cookware will transform the way we think about cooking.

It is surprising how many people still have yet to witness the wonder that is induction cooking. Induction cooking vessels need to be made of ferrous metal like iron in order to continuously sustain the magnetic field that is used to heat it. Unlike conventional cookers induction cooking stoves use a high frequency electromagnetic field through the ferromagnetic cookware which enables the cooking vessel to become the heat source with which to cook the food. This process may sound complex, but in reality it is turning mountains back into mole hills in terms of cooking technology. As a result, more and more people could find themselves turning to this fast and efficient induction cooking method in the future.

Switch and Save with Induction Cooking Pots and Pans

The aluminium core in induction cooking pots is sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel. Being durable and efficient induction cooking distributes heat consistently across the base allowing for the even cooking of food. Induction cooking accessories are often suitable for use in conventional ovens and on traditional stoves making them a great investment prior to purchasing your induction cooker.

The Brilliant Benefits of Induction Cooking

Before induction cooking professional chefs regarded gas hobs as the cooker of choice in the kitchen. Their reliable and quickly adjustable functions often kept them head and shoulders above electric hobs. However, chefs are realising that induction cooking can offer a variety of benefits over standard gas and electric fittings.

Efficient – Induction cooking can be much more efficient than traditional cookers as there is no wasted heat from the hob. The magnetic field causes only the pan to heat up leaving the surrounding hob area cool.

Instantly Adjustable – Electric coils and elements can take time to cool down and heat up. However, with induction cooking the change is as instantaneous as a gas cooker and infinitely more precise. The electric current can adjust the strength of the magnetic field quickly and accurately. And unlike gas hobs, the induction cooker will be subject to fluctuations in temperature on account of a slight breeze or spillage of water.

Safer Surfaces – Accidents can be avoided with induction cookers that remain relatively cool to the touch when on. Induction cooking units detect only the ferromagnetic pans causing them to heat up. If you should accidentally leave a non-induction item on the surface, or put your hand on the glass, the cooker will not turn on.

Hygenic – Unlike gas and electric hobs the flat glass surface of induction cooking units make them easy to clean and since the surface stays cool, any boiling over will not instantly crust on the hot surface.

Induction Cooking Products from ProCook

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