Induction Cookware: Go Green in Your Kitchen

Induction Cookware: Go Green in Your Kitchen

You could go green in your kitchen with induction cookware and hobs that make cooking your everyday meals faster, more efficient and better for the environment.

Cooking is an essential everyday activity for all of us. Whether you have a gas or electric coil stove the energy used to cook in your kitchen can soon mount up. With more people carefully considering their energy consumption in the home there are an increasing number of ways to save energy and reduce your family’s carbon footprint. Induction cookware and hobs are becoming increasingly popular in homes and professional kitchens across the country with a range of equipment that is designed to be kinder to the environment and save you money in the process.

Induction Cookware that Cares

When it comes to going green in your kitchen responsible families look for more energy-efficient cooking methods. Gas-powered hobs and electric stove rings can be highly inefficient. By heating the surface of the stove these cooking methods distribute unnecessarily large amounts of heat to the surrounding area. Because much of this heat is being wasted your kitchen can soon start to warm up. Induction cookware works differently to ensure a more energy efficient cooking method. The technology behind induction cookware ensures energy is used precisely to heat the contents of your pan. Because the ferromagnetic induction cookware is detected by the induction hob only the area directly beneath the pan will cause the cookware to heat up. The electromagnetic field created ensures the induction cookware becomes to primary heat source which is significantly less wasteful than heating the hob elements.

Hot Pots – Induction cookware is designed to distribute heat evenly throughout the pan to ensure your food is heated through. This reduces the need to use more energy as your food can be thoroughly cooked in a shorter space of time.

Accurate Energy – With induction cooking more than 90% of every pound spent on energy goes straight to the induction cookware. Induction cookware works only on its contact points with the hob ensuring energy is directed where it is needed.

No Fumes – Unlike gas and some electric hobs there are no carcinogenic fumes as a result of heat build up. This means that there is often no need for extraction units which use a great deal of energy too.

 Induction Cookware from ProCook

If you want to go green in your kitchen, you can find a range of induction cookware equipment to suit your needs at ProCook.  Our energy-efficient induction cookware has something to suit every environmentally-conscious homeowner.