Induction Pans: Quality Cookware for Every Hob

Induction Pans: Quality Cookware for Every Hob

Induction pans are fast becoming the cookware of choice for homeowners and professional chefs that are looking for durable, efficient and fabulously functional cooking accessories that help them achieve culinary excellence.

Induction cooking is transforming the way people cook their food with ferromagnetic cookware that makes everyday cooking a breeze. Induction pots are made of ferrous metal that is magnetic, enabling the induction cooker to heat the pan through a high frequency magnetic field. Some people think that they only need to purchase induction pans if they have an induction cooker. In reality most induction pans are suitable for every hob type. Whether you have a gas or electric stove more and more people are realising the benefits of investing in induction pans.

Induction Pans: Your Helping Hand in the Kitchen

The watched pot never boils but with induction pans you could see your contents start to cook much faster. If you have an induction cooker the flat magnetic base of your induction pans can ensure heat is distributed evenly across the base ensuring your food is cooked to perfection. The electromagnetic field can be instantaneously switched off at the controls or once the induction pans are removed giving you greater control over the cooking. This enables you to rest the pan back on the glass top without fear of continuing to cook. The great thing about induction pans is that they can be used on other cookers. More and more people are snapping up these super-pans for their gas and electric hobs to ensure they are fully prepared when more people switch to induction cookers.

Picking the Perfect Induction Pans

Induction pans are great investment pieces that will last a lifetime. Most professional chefs already use some sort of induction pans in their kitchens, even when they have gas stoves, so it pays to pick up quality cookware that will stand the test of time.  

Magnetic - Only pans with magnetic properties will heat up using an induction cooker. As a result it helps to search for a retailer that specifies whether their pans are made of ferrous metal.

Smooth Surface – Induction cookers can become scratched if incorrect cookware is used on their surface. Choosing induction pans with a flat, magnetic base will help protect your hob and ensure even heat distribution when cooking.

Non Stick Pans – Non stick pans are a cookware essential but many people investing in induction pans tend to stick to stainless steel. Look for induction pans that also come with non stick coatings that are better for low fat or fat-free cooking practices.