Keep Your Knives to Hand with Magnetic Racks

You can keep your knives to hand with magnetic racks that hold knives safely, securely and within reach of your cooking station; for accessible and decoratively stored implements.


Almost every kitchen has a collection of knives that never seem to have a proper storage place. Whilst many people own knife blocks, there are usually a number of knives carelessly strewn in drawers which can ultimately damage the blades. More and more homes are purchasing magnetic racks to store their knives quickly and easily. Magnetic racks often come in strip form that can be purchased in a length to suit your wall space. Once mounted, these powerful magnetic strips hold the knives in place firmly and safely. As a result, magnetic racks are one of the best ways to store knives in your kitchen. Not only do they keep sharp implements off on the countertop, they can protect the blades and help keep your most important kitchen utensils close to hand.


Stick It on the Strip with Magnetic Racks


Magnetic racks can help keep your countertop clear of clutter leaving you more space to prepare food. An efficient way of utilising your kitchen wall space, magnetic racks automatically free up your storage in drawers and cupboards. Magnetic racks can be fitted to almost any wall or the inside of any cupboard and their simple strip design ensures they look great wherever they are mounted. Unlike knife block slits that can be difficult to clean, magnetic racks can quickly be wiped down for more hygienic knife storage.


Advantages of Magnetic Racks for Knives


Safe Storage – Magnetic racks keep your blades elevated; ensuring handles are easily accessible to the cook without the risk of accidental injury that can often occur with drawer-stored knives.


Protected Knives - Magnetic racks allow knife blades to be firmly secured without succumbing to damage like they can do in drawers.


Easily Accessible – Magnetic racks can be mounted on almost any kitchen wall. The handles are within reach for quick and easy access to your knives.


Magnetic Racks from ProCook


If you are looking for magnetic racks to safely store your sharp knives; you can find a range of knife storage solutions from ProCook. We stock a range of empty knife blocks, magnetic racks and accessories to suit a variety of knife types.