Kitchen Mashers, Whisks and Spatulas - Kitting out your First Home

Whether you are a recent graduate, or flying the nest for the first time, kitchen mashers, whisks and spatulas can make cooking for yourself a breeze.


Learning to prepare and cook your own meals can be one of the biggest hurdles when settling in to your new home. Investing in kitchen essentials can help to make the transition from hearty home cooked meals to student dinners less daunting. When kitting out your kitchen it can be easy to get sidetracked by all of the futuristic gadgets, and forego the basics such as kitchen mashers, ladles and storage solutions. Here is a guide to choosing high quality kitchenware without breaking the bank.


Kitchen Mashers-Splurge or Save?


If you are new to student living it can be hard to know when to splurge and when to save. Stocking your cupboards with durable kitchenware is an investment as you will be using kitchen mashers, pans and plates on a daily basis. When shopping for kitchen utensils, the key to making your budget stretch further is to find a balance. Splurge on the items where quality is paramount and accommodate for this by saving on smaller items such as kitchen mashers, ladles and chopping boards.


Student life can be challenging but learning to cook for yourself and others can be extremely rewarding. In order to branch out in to a diverse range of dishes, you will need a number of utensils to perfect your chosen cuisine.


  • Preparation-In order to whip up satisfying meals at speed you will need a number of basic utensils such as kitchen knives, a cheese grater, a vegetable peeler and a potato masher. Look at these preparation tools as an investment as they will stand the test of time. 
  • Cookware-Once you have successfully prepared your food, you will need high quality cook wear to bring your creations to life. A variety of pans can help you make staple dishes such as soup, pasta and eggs with ease.
  • Utensils-Spatulas, colanders, kitchen mashers and salt and pepper mils can help to serve up your culinary delights at speed.


Stocking your cupboards with kitchen essentials needn’t cost a fortune, balance your spending and reap the rewards.


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