Kitchen Thermometers & Temperature Forks - Essential for Catering Businesses

Whether you’re a takeaway owner, a restaurant manager, or you run your own catering business, kitchen thermometers are absolutely essential to uphold the best health and safety.


If you want to ensure the best health and safety in you catering or restaurant business, you must invest in kitchen thermometers and temperature forks. In order to maintain the safest temperature of your food, you need to make sure that your food is cooked to the correct temperature.


The Foods Standards Agency have published the Food Safety Act, and any restaurant owner or catering business should familiarise themselves with the latest version. Whether you supply food to local businesses, offer a food delivery service, or run your own restaurant / cafe, there are a number of health and safety measures that need to be applied in the kitchen area. As well as using kitchen thermometers to ensure the food is at a safe temperature for consumption, it’s also important to consider the following:


  • Food storage – ensure you have ample space in your fridges, freezers, pantries and cupboards. Organise your stock in date order to avoid using out of date ingredients, and always stock up on fresh goods.
  • Cleaning and hygiene – commercial kitchens need to be cleaned after every single shift to avoid any dirt / grime build up. This will involve an entire clean-down, from wiping the surfaces, washing all cookware and utensils, sweeping and mopping the floor, and disposing of raw litter. You will also need to consider putting a wash cycle into place to keep all your kitchen linens and tea towels fresh and clean.
  • Food temperatures – this needs to be monitored on a regular basis. Not only do fridges and freezers need to be cold enough, but cooked dishes need to be hot enough before serving. Kitchen thermometers and temperature forks are used in commercial kitchens to abide by the Food Safety Act.


Using Kitchen Thermometers at Home


Kitchen thermometers and temperature forks can be used in the home as well as in a commercial environment. If you want to take the guess work out of your home cooked meats, a temperature fork can help you do just that.  Kitchen thermometers can be used in the home to ensure that families are cooking and eating in the safest possible way.


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