Make a Meal of It with an Oven Pizza Stone

Make a Meal of It with an Oven Pizza Stone

You could make a meal of it with an oven pizza stone that lets you cook many bread-based dinners in a whole new way. From tasty stone baked dishes to authentic Italian recipes you own the corner stone to culinary excellence.

Snacking on pizza has long been a popular past time. Those quick and easy bung-in-the-oven pizzas may fill a hole but pizza connoisseurs know how to make a meal of it. The oven pizza stone has grown in popularity over recent years as people prefer to cook from scratch with fresh ingredients. Well-cooked and well-seasoned pizzas can be reborn with a little attention to detail and the right cooking equipment. The oven pizza stone is already an established item in many households but few people realise just what they can achieve with this ingenious bit of ceramic rock.

Dine Differently with Posh Nosh Pizza

When you eat out at a pizzeria the warming smell from the pizza oven is comforting and welcoming. You can recreate that stone baked pizza taste in your own kitchen with an oven pizza stone. An oven pizza stone is preheated in your own oven to allow it to radiate higher temperatures evenly throughout your pizza for that crispy, baked texture. From herbs and flavoured oils to garlic and onions you can place fragrant foods alongside your creation to add to the flavour of your gourmet pizza.

Rocking Recipe Ideas for Your Oven Pizza Stone

The greatest chefs in the world know how to make the most of their kitchen equipment. An oven pizza stone does not have to stop at making pizza. There are a whole host of culinary delights that you can cook up with this ceramic plate.

Roasting Herbs – If you grow fresh herbs in your garden you can store them for a later date but drying them out on your oven pizza stone. Alternatively you can roast bulbs of garlic prior to use for a full-bodied flavour in your dishes.

Bruschetta – The key to a great bruschetta is in the bite. That crisp bread needs to be delicately crunchy. An oven pizza stone can radiate the heat evenly throughout your crisp bread unlike a standard baking tray.

Naan Bread – An oven pizza stone is perfect for flat breads, like naan, and once it is ready the pizza stone doubles up as a warming tray to keep your freshly baked breads toasty on the table.

Get Baking Brilliant with an Oven Pizza Stone from ProCook

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