Make a Modern Cuppa with a Stylish Teapot

You can make a modern cuppa with a teapot that makes great tea and is stylish enough to entertain the fussiest of invited or unexpected guests.

Put a modern twist on the great British tradition with contemporary teapots that deliver great tasting tea. A traditional teapot is always nice to have around for special occasions but for everyday use, a glass or steel teapot should be used. More and more people are finding that this type of teapot is more robust and perfectly designed to brew a better cup of tea. As well as being highly practical, a stylish glass or steel teapot is an attractive way to present afternoon or morning tea to family and friends.


Get Statement Style with Contemporary Teapots

A glass or steel teapot can make a stylish addition to any dining room or kitchen. Durable and decorative, it can be used both indoors and outside on sunny days. Tea parties are becoming increasingly popular as people turn back to their British roots for afternoons of tea and cake. As with most social occasions, the host wants to impress their friends and family; providing the very best tea for those that they care about. It is no wonder that so many people are picking up a glass or steel teapot that can present their tea in a contemporary way.


The Advantages of a Glass Teapot

Durability – A glass or steel teapot is often made from a heat resistant glass that is very durable; ensuring the hottest of teas can remain inside without damage. 

Improved Flavour –Because a glass teapot is not porous like some ceramic teapots, it is not subject to tainting when switching between teas; allowing people to use it for a variety of hot brewed beverages.

Clarity – The clear glass allows the user to see exactly when the tea has been brewed to perfection; ensuring the host serves it at its most delectable.


Contemporary Teapot at ProCook

If you are looking for a modern teapot for a superior cup of tea; you can find a range of glass and steel teapots to suit your needs at ProCook.