Make All Things Nice with a Spice Grinder

You can make all things nice with a spice grinder or pestle and mortar that can grind fresh herbs, exotic spices and seasonings into pastes, pesto and marinades for all your culinary creations.


Herbs, spices and seasonings are an essential part of almost every culinary creation. The flavour of any dish is an art form in itself when you think of the subtle blend and delicate balancing act that takes place with every ingredient. Whether you are creating a fragrant roast dinner, dressing or marinade; a spice grinder is an indispensible kitchen tool. As a result, more and more people are ensuring they have a spice grinder to hand for the preparation of every meal.


Spice Grinder: For Flavourful Food


The humble spice grinder has been tried and trusted by chefs and households for hundreds of years. The simple design of a spice grinder ensures the flavour and oils from every spice and herb can be unlocked and infused into every meal. Herbs and spices placed directly into a dish can enhance the flavour but a spice grinder can release the oils from within. A good quality spice grinder will have an abrasive inner to the bowl which can release the intense flavours of herbs and spices; allowing the cook to use fewer ingredients to achieve the same flavourful effect.


Top Uses for a Spice Grinder


Salt Rubs – Add balanced flavour to meats and vegetables with salt rubs mixed in a spice grinder. The abrasive inner can bring out the oils which can be absorbed by the salt.


Marinades – Make mouth-watering marinades for your barbequed meats with a spice grinder that can crush, grind and mix tasty sauces to the perfect sticky consistency.


Pastes & Pesto – Whether you are cooking a Thai curry or mixing up a tasty pesto; a spice grinder can bring together a variety of ingredients into a concentrated and flavoursome paste.


Spice Grinder from ProCook


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