Make Flipping Fantastic Pancakes with a Crepe Griddle

You can make flipping fantastic pancakes with a flat griddle that gets the best out of your batter with its even heat distribution and super-flat surfaces; ensuring you make picture perfect pancakes every time.


The age-old challenge of the pancake toss has been something of a legendary skill passed down through the generations. Whilst not everyone can flip the perfect pancake, more and more people are finding that they can achieve well-crafted crepes and light puffy pancakes by investing in a quality crepe griddle. A cast iron crepe griddle is often a popular choice as it can be used on a variety of hobs and even outside on the barbeque.


Perfecting the Pancake with a Crepe Griddle


The key to any good pancake is a good crepe griddle. Regular pans and skillets are often graduated to sift out impurities and allow fat run-off. This can cause batter to slip leaving you with uneven and unsightly pancakes. A crepe griddle is completely flat which allows the cook to pour the perfectly shaped pancake and smooth, even crepes. With maximum contact from the crepe griddle, the result is evenly cooked crepes that still retain their moisture as the griddle can retain heat and distribute it evenly. A crepe griddle also allows the chef to cook other things alongside pancakes including bananas or ham and onions for savoury crepes; saving time in the cooking process.


Get Creative with Your Crepe Griddle


Fried Breads – A crepe griddle can be used like a hot plate; warming breads and frying breads evenly without drying them out.


Eggs – A crepe griddle is perfect for cooking fried eggs as their flat surface helps retain the shape of the egg whilst allowing maximum contact between the food and the plate for reduced cooking times.


Grab a Crepe Griddle from ProCook


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