Make Fruit More Appealing with a Mandoline Slicer

Make Fruit More Appealing with a Mandoline Slicer

You could make fruit more appealing with a Mandoline slicer that creates delectably different shapes, sizes and textures from your everyday fruit; helping you make a tempting fruit bowl the whole family will enjoy.

Encouraging the family to get their five a day can seem like an impossible daily challenge. Even young children can be put off fruit and vegetables from an early age. Child nutritionists know that in order to get kids excited about the food they eat, presentation plays an important role. A Mandoline slicer could help you feed your family five a day with a little culinary creativity and beautifully presented fruit and vegetables in seconds.

Do It Decoratively with a Mandoline Slicer

Whether you are creating a culinary masterpiece that requires attention to detail or are simply trying to feed your family healthily; a Mandoline slicer can help you perfect almost any creation. For the perfectly presented fruit and vegetables, a Mandoline slicer can cut, slice, dice and grate your foodstuffs into interesting and palatable shapes. From crinkle cut apple bites to thinly sliced wafers of carrot; there are unusual combinations to suit every devilishly different dish. With seven interchangeable cutting blades; the possibilities are endless. Stand out from the crowd with modern takes on classic deserts; with grated apple fritters or pineapple chips.

Make Kid-Friendly Foodstuffs with the Mandoline Slicer

A Mandoline slicer can make fruit, vegetables and other foods more appealing to the kids of today. With different shapes, textures and sizes to try; they can enjoy eating healthy food that is a little bit different.

Visually Appealing – The adjustable Mandoline slicer lets you create different thicknesses, sizes and textures with your food so that even your fussy eaters can find something to enjoy amongst your decorative fruit plates.

Handheld Bites – Sometimes, a whole apple can be more daunting that a cleverly cut up apple. A Mandoline slicer can craftily cut your fruit or vegetables into manageable chunks of handheld food; encouraging everyone to grab a few mini bites.

Deliciously Different Fruit from the Mandoline Slicer at ProCook

If you want to encourage your family to get excited about healthy eating, you can make your fruit and vegetables look more appealing with a Mandoline slicer from ProCook.  The Mandoline slicer allows you to transform dull, lifeless fruit into fun food.