Make Your Baking a Piece of Cake with Cake Pans

You can make baking a piece of cake with easy to use, non stick cake pans that offer easy food release and an evenly cooked cake.


Homemade cake may sound like a challenge when you can pick one up from the local supermarket but few things are more satisfying than a soft, light sponge cake made by your own fair hand. However, no matter how many times you follow that tried and tested recipe; you cake baking results can vary. Some bakeware can be unreliable depending on the cake you are baking. For more consistent results, the type of cake pans used for baking must be considered. Whether you are a baking boffin or an amateur cake enthusiast; superior cake pans could help you bake with more panache.


Grab a Slice of Satisfaction with Cake Pans


Baking a cake can be hit and miss at the best of times. With so many variables, it can be difficult to know exactly what it will be like until it is turned out. Many bakers find that they can achieve more consistent results with their confectionary by choosing the right cake pans. Traditional cake tins may require heavy greasing to remove the baked cake intact. However, with non stick cake pans there is a high quality Xylon coating that ensures an easy turnout every time. Non stick cake pans provide excellent heat conduction to ensure an evenly baked cake and no more soggy middles.


Pat a Cake, Pat a Cake Baker’s Pan


Cake pans come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your cake and bread making needs. However, professional bakers know that certain cake pans perform better than others.


Springform Cake Pans – Springform cake pans allow for easy release of your cake without relying on large amounts of grease and fat.


Silicone Cake Pans – Silicone cake pans ensure even heat distribution and reduce the risk of a scorched sponge. The flexibility of silicone makes cake turnout a doddle.


If you are looking for cake pans to make your baking easier, you can find non stick and silicone cake pans to suit your needs at ProCook.  Our cake pans come in round, square and rectangular shapes to enable you to craft your confectionary exactly how you want it.