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Make your Dinner Party a Delight with Quality Bakeware

If you are planning to cook dinner for a group of friends, it pays to use quality bakeware

Many people love having their friends round for a dinner party, hosting a night filled with delicious food, wine and refined (or not) conversation. The advent of TV programmes such as 'Come Dine With Me' has illustrated Britain's love of entertaining, as well as the pride people feel in dishing up a gorgeous repast. However, to cook a quality meal you need quality equipment and this is certainly what you will find with ProCook bakeware sets.

The History of Bakeware

Bakeware has been around for thousands of years since our ancestors developed pottery. This was used to make a variety of cooking vessels of different shapes and sizes. These early pots evolved into waterproof, as well as fireproof vessels, when people first glazed them with plant gum, and later ceramic glazes. As bronze and iron metalworking progressed the first metal bakeware and cookware items were produced and became widely used, such as a cauldron in medieval kitchens. Other metals started to be used such as copper and brass but earthenware was still used commonly for baking, as it still is by some people today.

Modern Oven Bakeware

Today bakeware sets are made from a number of materials. Ceramics such as porcelain and terracotta are used; glass such as Pyrex is safe to use at oven temperatures and is a popular bakeware product in the UK; there are glass-ceramic products available which combine the best of both those materials, for instance Pyrex will shatter if it is exposed to a radical change in temperature too quickly, whereas glass-ceramic items are immune from thermal shock. Silicone is the newest material to be used in bakeware manufacture and it has a number of benefits. It is light and flexible, and it is able to stand temperatures of up to 360 degrees celcius. The fact that it is flexible means that it's easier to remove baked goods from the vessel and silicone bakeware sets are also available with non-stick coatings. Such bakeware sets are also available with innovative accessories such as clips to hold chicken legs, silicone strings for tying meat, flat-folding sieves, colanders and egg cookers.

Delicious Dishes Using Bakeware

If you do need to buy bakeware it seems that silicone is the material to choose now, and once you've got some great oven bakeware there are some fantastic treats that you could cook up for your friends, such as the following:

- Baked smoked salmon with feta cheese en croute

- Quail baked in mushroom sauce

- Baked sour cream tacos

- Cinnamon baked apples

- Baked vanilla cheesecake...and many more!

If you are planning a gourmet soiree it pays to buy quality bakeware that will do you and your dishes justice. Buy the best quality bakeware you can - the results will be clearly reflected in the success of your evening.

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