Make Your Summer Sizzle with a Griddle Plate

You can make your summer sizzle with the help of a griddle plate that can be used indoors and outdoors to cook barbequed food, seared steaks and fabulous fried vegetables.


If you watch any modern cookery programme, the griddle plate seems to feature highly for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Due to its versatility and ability to cook foods quickly; the griddle plate is becoming a staple part of the British kitchen. From meats to fish and vegetables; there is practically nothing you cannot griddle. Summer is a great excuse to get your griddle plate out as the hot weather calls for quick meals and more time spent outdoors. As a result, more and more people are ensuring they have a griddle plate to hand to rustle up some sizzling summer dishes.


Make It Tasty and Healthy with a Griddle Plate


A griddle plate is a summer cookware essential that can be used both indoors and out. No one wants to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen when the weather is good. Placed directly on top of a hob or barbeque grill; a griddle plate can be used to cook a number of succulent summer foods that are perfect for warmer weather. For healthier summer salads, griddled chicken and vegetables can make a tasty addition to a lunch or light supper. A good griddle plate will also be reversible with a flat and ridged side to allow you to cook summery fruit-filled pancakes or potato rostis.


Impress Your Dinner Date with a Griddle Plate


Cooking for your dinner date can be enjoyable and stress-free when you cook with a griddle plate. A griddle plate can be used to quickly cook meats, fish, seafood and vegetables and enhance their flavour. The ridged grill pan base allows food items to be seared for a smoky flavour and an attractive grill marks. As a result, the griddle plate can help you cook a high quality meal quickly; leaving more time to socialise with dinner guests.


Grab a Griddle Plate from ProCook


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