Mandolin Food Slicer - The Piece de Resistance in Precision Cutters

Mandolin Food Slicer – The Piece de Resistance in Precision Cutters

You could create a culinary masterpiece with a Mandolin food slicer the cuts, slices, dices and grates food items with precision; giving you expertly crafted vegetables, fruit and cheese cut to your specifications.

Many people enjoy creating the perfect dish but when it comes to preparing the ingredients; chopping the vegetables can become burdensome. Their size and shape can often determine the length of time it will take them to cook and as a result, it is beneficial to make them exactly the same proportions. Unless you are a professional chef who is used to slicing and dicing at a fast pace; this can be difficult when using a traditional knife set. A Mandolin food slicer can be beneficial to those that want to take the hassle out of home cooking and create precision-cut vegetables and fruit with minimal effort.

Mandolin Food Slicer for Fast Precision Cutting

Consistency is often the key to culinary excellence. Both professional chefs and caterers aim to be consistent in appearance, design and quality. Cutting and dicing accurately by hand takes many years of pradctice and most people end up with a mish mash of shapes which can look unappealing. With a Mandolin food slicer; items can be cut into uniform shapes to suit your particular dish. If you have a palate for precision, the adjustable mechanism and seven interchangeable blades allow you to adapt the texture, width and shape of your vegetables in an instant.

Creative Vegetable Cutting with a Mandolin Food Slicer

A Mandolin slicer can make fruit, vegetables and other food items into an array of interestingly shaped morsels that can be eaten on their own or added to a dish for a spectacularly attractive finish.  The Mandolin food slicer is quick, efficient and easy to use; making it the piece de resistance of precision cutters. Apart from the blades, the Mandolin food slicer is dishwasher safe and the cradle simply slides off; allowing all parts to be safely washed up ready for its next use.

Cutting – Cutting vegetables is quick and painless with a Mandolin food slicer that creates anything from carrots juliennes to French fries in half the time.

Slicing  - Slicing thin wafers of fruit and vegetable with a knife can be difficult as it is impossible to stick to the same thickness. The adjustable cut thickness can let you thin slices of potato thinly enough to make crisps.

Pick Up a Top of the Line Mandolin Food Slicer from ProCook

If you are a perfectionist in the kitchen, you could save time and energy with a Mandolin food slicer from ProCook.  Our Mandolin food slicer is so versatile it can be used for everything from lunchboxes to luxury evening meals.