Master the Art of Italian Cuisine with a Pasta Bowl

You can master the art of Italian cuisine with a perfectly proportioned pasta bowl that delivers on style and quality for beautifully presented pasta every time.


In Britain, we love a good pasta dish. This hearty comfort food is quick, easy to make and can come in so many varieties that there is a pasta dish to suit everyone’s taste. Part of the reason we warm to Italian cuisine is that it is always effortlessly stylish. Its rustic appeal lies in the simplicity of its presentation. Italian chefs know that the food will often speak for itself and as a result, finding the correct tableware to complement the cuisine is of paramount importance. The right pasta bowl can be invaluable in the kitchen. From linguine to lasagne; the pasta bowl can make or a break a well-presented meal.


Pasta Bowl: For Food with More Soul


There is nothing worse than a messy meal. Long pasta like spaghetti is notoriously difficult to eat; especially when there are rich sauces involved. A deep pasta bowl is perfect for keeping your pasta looking neat and presentable. A ceramic pasta bowl can keep it warm and moist and the sloping sides ensure that oils and sauces do not spill over the edge. Their simplistic design makes them suitable for presenting a variety of other dishes. From soups to salads and sides; there are a number of other uses for the versatile pasta bowl.


Selecting the The Perfect Pasta Bowl


When looking for the perfect pasta bowl, it helps to follow the cookware used by professional chefs when presenting their Italian cuisine.


White Porcelain – White porcelain pasta bowl is simple enough to make any pasta dish stand out on the table and allows the rich colours of Italian cuisine to shine through.


Sloping Sides – As well as keeping a heap of pasta neatly together, the thick sides of a pasta bowl can even be used for decoration with drizzled pesto oils or garnishes.


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