Mealtimes Made Easy with Stone Tableware

You can make mealtimes easier with stone tableware that is versatile, practical and stylish enough to cook everyday meals and dishes for special occasions.

Stone tableware is becoming a popular choice in homes across the country. Offering a rustic, country home vibe; stone tableware has become the epitome of the cosy family kitchen. Stone tableware now comes in an increasing array of colours, shapes and styles to suit any meal and kitchen aesthetic. Mealtimes can be made infinitely easier with this practical and stylish oven to tableware that can become part of the table decoration and save on washing up. As a result, many people invest in stone tableware sets that are coloured to match their kitchen or other items of tableware.

Stone Tableware for Every Supper

Thanks to its increasing popularity, stone tableware is now available in a variety of colourful glazes and shapes to suit every meal. From pies and casseroles to roasts and crème brulee; stone tableware can be found in the form of dishes, ramekins and table accessories. Stone tableware is so practical and attractive that it is often available in oven to table dishes. Stone tableware can be used to accommodate baked pasta suppers, puddings and side dishes. Meals can be brought straight from the oven to the table; keeping food piping hot and beautifully presented.

The Benefits of Stone Tableware

Ovenproof – Stone tableware is ovenproof which allows you to cook items and bring it directly to the table; keeping meals and side dishes warm prior to serving.

Microwave Safe – Good stone tableware is safe to use in the microwave; allowing cooks to reheat items the next day without removing them from the original dish.

Dishwasher Safe – Stone tableware is suitable to pop straight into the dishwasher after use. With no soaking and scrubbing; stone tableware is helping homes save time on washing up.

Freezer Safe – Stone tableware is even suitable for the freezer which can help ensure no meals go to waste. Additionally, frozen desserts can be made and preserved in these helpful dishes.

Stone Tableware at ProCook

If you are looking for versatile stone tableware that is suitable for a variety of cooking applications; you can find a range of plain and ceramic stone tableware at ProCook. Our collection of stylish stone tableware can be chosen in a colour to complement your existing cookware or kitchen.